Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Reading To Ryan

When I had a conference with Ryan's 1st grade teacher recently, I wasn't surprised to hear that he's a bit behind in his reading. He does fine with math and he loves drawing and coloring, but he's just not interested in reading. He has 3 little books he has to read every day for homework, and it's like pulling teeth getting him to sit down and read them.
His teacher suggested we read more to him at home because this would help to get him more interested in reading. It might not necessarily improve his skills right away, but at least it would get him more excited about books. I thought this was a great suggestion, since I love reading.

She suggested we start with the Magic Tree House series. To my delight, Ryan loves them! They are adventure books about a sister and brother, and each book takes them to a different location in history, all from their magic tree house. We are currently on book number 7 and at the end of each chapter Ryan begs us to continue reading. Success!

I recently checked out Sideways Stories from Wayside School from the library because I remember loving that book as a child. Adam and I were both excited to read it again. Ryan liked it okay, but definitely not as much as the tree house series. I think in a couple years he will be ready to read the Goosebumps series. Adam and I both remember loving those books. I also plan on introducing him to the Boxcar children book series when he's a little older.

What else can you suggest I read to Ryan? Or what books would be age appropriate for him to start reading himself? I'd love any suggestions, specifically those a 6 year old boy would love. I really want to develop his love of reading!

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