Thursday, January 12, 2017

Hard-To-Handle Boys

I have two hard-to-handle boys. If you have been blessed with one of these, go to the website I am sharing below!

Lucas has a very aggressive and impulsive streak. He reacts at the drop of a hat. One tiny word, one tiny action, anything that he doesn't agree with can set him off. And when Lucas is provoked, he gets physical. He hits, he punches, he throws objects, he knocks over the trash can, he head-butts, he scratches, he destroys anything in his path. Lucas is also extremely impulsive. If we arrive at a store and he decides it would be fun to run into the parking lot, then he most definitely will. I am constantly on guard with him, anticipating what he will do next. I have had to brush up on my self-defense skills because I have a boy named Lucas.

However, Lucas is also my most loving and affectionate child. He smothers me with kisses first thing in the morning and before bed at night. If he accidentally hurts me, he says sorry over and over while hugging and kissing me. He runs up and plows into me with his big hugs. He loves picking me flowers. Lucas is constantly telling me he loves me. The other day he was sitting on the toilet doing his business and he frantically called me in. Turns out he just needed to tell me he loves me.

As Ryan gets older I feel less and less comfortable sharing things about him, particularly the negative things. Ryan has some personality traits that we have really struggled with since the time he was a baby. And although he isn't as loud and in your face as his little brother, he challenges me each and every day with his mood, attitude, eating habits, sleeping habits, and his ability to get along with his brother. That boy sure has some moods.

As I try to navigate being a boy Mom, I keep coming back to the same resource. It's called the MOB Society, and it stands for Mothers of Boys. Specifically, they have a series titled "Hard-To-Handle Boys" by Brooke McGlothlin. And every time I read an article from them, I find myself nodding my head, saying "yes!" and feeling relieved that finally someone gets it. I have often felt so alone with my struggles with my boys' behavior. I don't know many people who have boys like mine. Boys who fight constantly, who slam the doors so hard they put holes in the wall, boys who give me push-back on every single thing. But every time I read an email or resource from the MOB Society, I come away feeling more equipped, and more able to appreciate and love the boys God has given me. If you're having a hard time with your boy and you'd welcome some Godly guidance, GO to this website!

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