Friday, January 20, 2017

Stitch Fix Review #27

I broke down and ordered another fix! As I approach the end of my pregnancy I always feel frumpy and fat, and I feel like I need a little pick-me-up. I had $25 in Stitch Fix credit, so on a whim I ordered a fix and specified "no maternity". I knew it might be tricky, but I wanted items I could possibly wear now, but more so during the postpartum phase. That is such a difficult phase because you no longer want to wear maternity clothes but none of your regular clothes fit. I also asked for some pretty colors, because I'm getting tired of all the blah winter colors. Can you tell I'm ready for Spring??

Here is the note from my stylist: "Happy New Year, Stephanie! I sure hope the holidays treated you well and that you had time to wind down after all the hustle and bustle. I am so sorry that you were unhappy with my last Fix selection for you but I look forward to your thoughts on my choices this round! You've requested looser styles that are non-maternity with a boho vibe that will still work throughout the rest of your pregnancy. Since olive is a good color for you, I anchored my selection with the MTLA leggings that can be mixed and matched with both the RetroD poncho and Daniel Rainn empire waist top. Please let me know how this floral print top fits your baby bump! By the way, you look amazing in the photo you uploaded to Pinterest (all bump!) Layer the floral top with the Bobeau cardigan and complete your legging looks with the Toms flats. Enjoy, XOXO Blake Lindsey"

I was away from home when my Stitch Fix box came, so Adam sent me this picture to tease me. I get so excited when my Stitch Fix boxes come!

My first thought upon opening the box was: "Where are all the pretty colors?

Cavallo Poncho Sweater by RetroD (Brown)

(After 3 babies I literally hated my worn out diaper bag. So I bought this "Mommy Bag" off of and I really like it! I decided to model it with the outfit.)

This poncho was a pleasant surprise. It certainly isn't one of the pretty spring colors I requested, but at the same time I think it is kind of a unique color that I don't own. It would be really practical for the next few months of cold weather. And also practical for nursing the new baby! However, I've never owned a poncho and I'm worried it's going to make me look like a big frump-a-lump. I'm looking for pieces that are comfortable for the postpartum phase, but also flattering. When I tried it on Adam immediately thought it was really cool. It's his favorite piece from the box. I decided I needed to take some pictures and get a few other opinions, but I am leaning towards keeping this one. I think it's also going be great over black leggings. Status: KEEPING?

Bevvy Crochet Detail Floral Knit Top by Daniel Rainn (Navy)
This is the item I was most drawn to in my box. I love florals and I love this bohemian style that kind of flows over my tummy. It fits now, so it will obviously fit after the baby is born. It has a fun back detail and I think it would be a good top for both Fall and Spring. My only concern is that it makes me look a bit busty. That's not something I want to draw attention to, especially when I'm nursing. The sleeves are also an odd length....not quite full length but not really 3/4 sleeve. That doesn't really bother me though. Status: KEEPING?

Jewelissa Open Drape Cardigan by Bobeau (Light Blue)

My stylist suggested wearing this cardigan over the floral top, and I really like the combo. On its own, though, I'm not in love with this cardigan. It is a bit more blue than it appears in these pictures, but I'm still not sure it's a good color on me. I already own a plain light grey cardigan and I never really wear it. Status: RETURNING

Kristin Fleece Legging by MTLA (Olive)

Sorry for the odd pose. I was trying to show off the color of the leggings, but I ended up just looking weird. These leggings are really soft and cozy. But I just can't get over the color. I searched through my closet for a top to wear with them, and this is the best I could do. I own a pair of black maternity leggings, as well as black regular leggings. I think I'm good with those, so I'll be sending these back. Status: RETURNING

Seasonal Classic Slip-On Flats by Toms (Light Grey)

I know everyone loves Toms flats. But they're just not my favorite style. I think it's because I have such large feet. I felt like this particular color made my feet look like giant bandaids. They are very comfortable, I'll give them that! But just not the right shoes for my size 10 feet. Status: RETURNING

So right now I'm thinking about keeping either the poncho or the floral top, or possibly both. Have you ever owned/worn a poncho? And have you tried Stitch Fix?! They offer women's clothing, including petites and Maternity, as well as Men's! I would love for you to use my referral link if you decide to give it a try.


  1. LOVE the floral top on you and also love the blue cardigan, but that is my favorite color.

  2. Thanks for the input Deborah! I really do love the floral.