Monday, January 16, 2017

34 Weeks Pregnant

I wasn't planning on updating this week, but then I thought, there aren't many weeks left of this pregnancy!
I washed and put away all our baby boy clothes from newborn up to 9 months. As I was doing this, I realized we're going to need to buy some baby clothes! Both my boys were born in the Spring, so I didn't use a ton of warm clothes when they were newborns. But the weather up here in February is quite cold, so I'll need to shop for some warm cozy clothes.

Overall I'm feeling okay, but I do feel really tired most afternoons. And I pretty much can't stay awake past 9 or 9:30 most nights. My appetite hasn't been as big lately. That's probably because eating large amounts makes me uncomfortable. It feels like there is no room left inside of me for anything. My lower back has been hurting quite a bit if I'm on my feet a lot. One strange symptom I've been having is itchy skin. Certain parts of my body (my shoulder, my inner elbows, my ankles) have been itching like crazy! I can't figure out if it's dry skin or something pregnancy-related.

Adam and I finally got serious about baby names this past week. Adam was reading off a list of names from the internet and every once in a while we'd stop on one that we sort of liked. But we never really loved any of them, nor did we agree on the ones we liked. It's hard to pick a name that sounds good with Nullmeyer! The names I really like just don't sound right with our name. I'm very particular about a first, middle and last name flowing nicely and sounding good when said out loud. All of our kids have 2-syllable first names, 1-syllable middle names, and obviously a 3-syllable last name. I told Adam I was afraid we'd end up just settling on a name that we didn't really love. But then he read a name that we both liked, and had never really considered. And the more we said it out loud, the more we liked it. In particular, we both like the nicknames that could be used for this name. So I think we may have chosen our baby's name!

My next update will be at 36 weeks, after I see my doctor and have an ultrasound to confirm baby is head-down.

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