Monday, January 2, 2017

32 Week Prenatal Checkup

Things are getting real! I had my 32 week checkup a few days ago and everything is looking good.

Total Weight Gain: 27 lbs
Blood Pressure: 112/62

Ok now take a look again at the picture above and compare it to the one below, from 2 weeks ago. Major growth spurt, right?? Also, the one above was taken at night while the one from a couple weeks ago was morning. Big difference!

Baby's heartbeat sounded strong and he is moving around kicking me like crazy. It was a really brief and uneventful appointment. In my doctor's words, my body is basically on auto-pilot.

I started taking iron supplements last week and I think I might be feeling a little more energy returning. Or that could be because Adam has been home helping me, which helps tremendously.

Overall I'm feeling fine, but it is getting a lot harder to move around. Getting up from the floor, rolling over in bed, and bending over are all really uncomfortable. It just feels like I'm squishing the baby.

I think these next two months are going to fly by. While Adam was home from work last week we moved the changing table/dresser from Jenna's room to our room. I took all of Jenna's clothes out and organized them in her closet. So now we have a little corner of our room set up with the lazy-boy recliner and the changing table. We also got down a bin of baby boy clothes that I saved from Ryan and Lucas. Now I need to wash and store everything in the dresser.

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