Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas 2016

I'm finally sharing some pictures from our Christmas 2016.....better late than never, right?

On Christmas Eve Daddy taught the kids all about prepping a raw turkey. They were both fascinated and grossed out.
We tried to get a picture of all 3 kids before church but it proved impossible. I did get a really cute one of the boys!
 And a pouty one of Jenna, being a 2-year-old.
 After church we enjoyed a really yummy turkey dinner with our Grandma Jan. Then I got the kids in their Christmas jammies and we read about the birth of Jesus from the Bible.
This was a really fun Christmas because the boys were both old enough to be really excited about Santa. And Jenna just copies everything her brothers do, so she was just as excited. We put out milk and cookies for Santa, as well as a carrot for Rudolph.
 Christmas morning stockings!!
Santa came! Every year we worry that we don't have enough for the kids, and then somehow it always ends up feeling like too much. It's hard to strike a balance between creating a fun Christmas for our kids, and teaching them about being grateful.
Santa brought a box of 1500 legos! The boys also got their first nerf guns, a doctor's kit, RC boats, a couple board games, and some really nice jackets, among other things.
 Jenna was spoiled with a tricycle, a cute apron, and a new kitchen!

 We spent most of the day (and these past few days) playing with new toys.

My parents spent Christmas evening with us and we feasted on more yummy food.

We were very blessed this Christmas! It's hard to believe we will be a family of 6 next year!

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