Thursday, December 8, 2016

28 Week Prenatal Checkup

It's official. This baby is growing! I had my 28-week prenatal checkup this week and the scale confirmed what I've been feeling. All of a sudden my belly (and whole body) feels really big.

Total Weight Gain: 23 pounds
Blood Pressure: 103/50

Yep, that's a 8-pound gain in 4 weeks. And here I was thinking this would be a low-gain pregnancy. Ha!

This morning I pulled out my rainboots and was really frustrated to realize they barely fit over my calves! They fit fine a few weeks ago. I asked my doctor if I could already be retaining water and she said it could be that, or just good old weight gain. But in her words, I'm "perfect".

This baby kicks a LOT. I'm pretty sure he's my strongest baby in-womb. The acrobatics he's been doing lately are crazy!

I got my whooping cough vaccine today. I also got scolded by my doctor because I am overdue for taking my 1-hour glucose test. I've been putting it off because hauling kids to the lab and then making them sit for an hour doesn't sound appealing at all. But I really need to do it this week.

Overall I'm feeling okay, but I have pretty low energy most of the time. It's just hard to do a lot and be really active. I get tired and want to just sit and rest. I've also been up at night a lot for the past month with sick kids, and as a result I feel really groggy during the day. Feeling so tired and lazy makes me feel guilty. Like I should be trying harder and pushing myself more. And maybe I should. But I distinctly remember feeling this way with my other pregnancies. Wondering what's wrong with me, and why I feel so unmotivated to move. And then a few months after giving birth I would suddenly realize I had my energy back, and I felt more normal. It was always this AHA moment of "Oh yea, this is what it feels like to feel normal and energized. No wonder pregnancy felt so hard. I really didn't have a lot of energy!" So I'm trying to just roll with it and give myself a break, and remember that after the baby is here I will eventually feel more like myself.

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