Friday, January 6, 2017

Jenna's Current Cuteness

Jenna has been saying and doing so many cute things lately. I'm afraid I'm going to forget them (since I'm really bad at writing in my kids' baby books). So here are a few things she has done lately that I want to record. Jenna is at such a fun age! She is generally happy and just wants to play and have fun and do adorable things.

-Jenna loves shaking her booty. Whenever I'm changing her, or just whenever the mood strikes, she will start shaking her behind and singing "Shaking my booty!"

-I recently taught her how to do an eskimo kiss (where you rub your noses together side to side). A few minutes later she asked me to say yes with my nose. I was confused at first but then I realized she wanted me to rub her nose up and down, like I was nodding.

-She loves jumping face-first on things and yelling "cannonball!"

-When Jenna yawns she says "Oh Mommy I'm so tired".

I recorded this video back in November and never shared it. The first half shows her 2-yr old attitude, and the second half shows her being smart and cute and singing the ABC's.

-Each child has their "spot" on the couch where they like to sit and watch TV. Jenna's spot is in the corner by the window and she likes asking me "I sit in my pot and watch something?". She gets upset if anyone else tries to sit there.

-Adam says "Boom Shaka Laka" sometimes. So now Jenna loves saying "Boom Shaka Shaka!"

-Jenna loves to pray. So far she's figured out the words "Dear God" and "Amen, dig in!".

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