Friday, May 18, 2012

Foodie Friday: Baby Freezer Meals

My freezer is stocked with meals ready to eat once we're home with baby #2. It was hard for me to cook right away after having Ryan, so I made sure this time to prepare some meals ahead of time that can easily be popped in the oven. Here's what is in my freezer:

Vegetable Lasagna: I have made this before, but never frozen it. I like the idea of having a lighter, vegetarian lasagna to eat on a warm summer/spring night.

Mexican Beef Casserole: My dear friend brought this meal to me after I had Ryan, and I have made it many times since. I made it with beef this time. It was hard to put it in the freezer this time and not eat it on the spot!

Turkey & Orzo Stuffed Peppers:  My absolute favorite stuffed peppers recipes. I change the original recipe just a bit, to add ground turkey and grated carrots, but otherwise it is perfect!

Salsa Chicken: I got this recipe from a friend. Basically, you combine chicken breasts with taco seasoning, salsa, lime juice and cilantro. Put it in a crock pot and cook for up to 8 hours. Shred the chicken and you instantly have a great filling for tacos, burritos, etc. Adam loves this chicken recipe.

Pepperoni Ziti Casserole: This was my first time making this recipe, so I hope it tastes good!

In addition to the above freezer meals, I also made and froze pancakes and peanut butter balls. I figured these would be good to have on hand for easy breakfasts for Ryan (and me!).

I have recipes for 3 other freezer meals that I want to make, but sadly, my freezer is full!

So what do you think? If you're a mom, did you prepare freezer meals ahead of time? If not, how did you feed your family after having a baby?


  1. No, I didn't prepare meals ahead of time. I just relied on your excellent cooking :) and all my other friends. Actually, my mom did some cooking and put the meals in the freezer. It's a great idea. I can't wait to check out those recipes. I was wanting the stuffed pepper recipe anyway.

  2. And I should add that I just made a double batch of healthy waffles and will stick those in the freezer. Way healthier and cheaper than Eggos and Benjamin loves them!
    Lindsey (your mops friend)