Saturday, May 26, 2012

Dinner Conversations

The above video is pretty typical of our dinner "conversations" lately. We try to negotiate with Ryan to get him to eat a bite of dinner in order to have dessert. We feel that if he even attempts one bite, that's good enough for now. Unfortunately he will rarely take a bite of anything that doesn't resemble a cracker or some other form of junk food. On this particular night we were trying to get Ryan to take a bite of mashed potatoes, but he just wouldn't. Adam finally stuffed a bite into his mouth. Probably not the best method, but how do you force a toddler to try something? Ryan calls a cookie a "D", so that's what he was asking for, in case you are wondering. I hate sending Ryan to bed hungry, but it happens quite often! Any tricks for getting picky kids to try new foods?

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  1. Stephanie!!!! You are NOT alone! We are having the exact same dinner conversations here. We try the "first take a bite of that and you can have this" method and we are sometimes successful in getting a bite here and there but he's certainly not eating enough where I feel comfortable that he's not hungry. The only thing I'd say we do differently is that we have the preferred item in front of him so he knows it's actually available to him. Then sometimes we use examples like, "Look! Momma took a bite of her food and now she gets a bite of the cookie" (or whatever the preferred item of the night is) And that works sometimes. I've also noticed that Elijah drinks a lot of milk during dinner so we are going to try and not let him drink until he eats something in case that's what's filling him up. Maybe you're having the same issue? We're at a loss too, so don't feel alone! I wish there was some magic trick, but dinner time has become a very frustrating time of day.