Thursday, May 17, 2012

37 Weeks Pregnant

Getting close! This past week I've just been busy checking things off my list, and adding more things to it! It feels like for every thing I check off (paint nursery, buy Moby Wrap, prepare freezer meals), I think of twice as many things that I need to do or buy (buy nursery trash can, pack hospital bag, pick baby name!). I like to feel as prepared as possible for anything in life, and having a baby is no exception. Getting things accomplished and staying organized is helping to calm my nerves about having a second child.

Physically I have had more energy this week. Although my braxton hicks contractions have been so so intense lately! So much so that they affect my breathing. They do not hurt, but when my stomach tightens up, I've noticed that it gets harder to breathe, and I've had to stop a few times and concentrate on breathing through the contraction. Good practice for the real thing! It's making me nervous, though. If these "practice" contractions are this intense, will I be able to handle the real ones without any drugs this time? I really hope so.

Adam and I sat down this week and discussed baby names. We've narrowed our list down to about 3 names. Our problem is that neither of us really love any of the names. Actually I do love one, but Adam definitely does not. So that leaves us with a couple names that we're just lukewarm about. I think this is the only truly important item on our to-do list that is bothering me. Once we have a name picked out I think I will really feel ready for this baby.

Tomorrow I have a check up with my midwife, so I'll try to post if anything interesting happens. And hopefully a picture, if a certain husband of mine will take one!

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