Friday, May 25, 2012

38 Week Appointment

Another eventful appointment today! After Wednesday's episode of blurred vision, my midwife was a little concerned about my preeclampsia symptoms. (Rapid weight gain, higher blood pressure, low platelet count). So when she saw that I had gained 6 pounds in the last 2 days (Yes you read that right. It's out of control), she decided to send me to Labor & Delivery just to be monitored. Seriously, this water retention is so uncomfortable. Last night my cankles were so huge that I couldn't even point my foot out straight. It hurt too much, like my skin was stretched to the limit. Here is the only stat I know from today's appointment. Yes, that is a gain of 10 pounds since last week.

Total Weight Gain: 54 lbs

So I headed over to Labor & Delivery shortly after lunch and luckily didn't have to stay too long. Baby looks good, my blood pressure was normal, blood work came back normal.....all normal! I am 4cm dilated now and having irregular contractions, but they aren't painful yet. So no real labor yet. Just lots of waiting. And drinking water. And trying not to puff up any further.

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