Thursday, May 10, 2012

36 Weeks Pregnant

The 36 week mark in a pregnancy is considered significant because if the baby was born after this week, he probably wouldn't be considered pre-term. It's kind of scary to think I'm so close! In the back of my mind, I still think he will come closer to my original due date, putting me at just 35 weeks now. But who really knows?

Here is a picture from tonight.
I just compared it to my 34 week picture and I can actually tell a difference. My belly is definitely sticking out further. I also looked at my blog at when I was 36 weeks pregnant with Ryan, here. Wearing the same shirt and everything! What do you think? Pretty much the same?

This week I have been feeling very fatigued. Much more so than I remember from my last pregnancy! It's not a sleepy kind of tired, but more of just an overall fatigue, where the thought of doing anything, even standing up, is just exhausting. This feeling comes and goes throughout the day, and I really hate it. It makes me feel so lazy because I want to be up doing things. People tell me to just relax and rest now before the baby comes, but it's so hard to do. If I'm alone with Ryan, I can't just lay down. Even if Adam is home to help, I feel really guilty lounging around and not helping out with things. I can't wait to have my energy back!

I called our local hospital to find out about getting a tour of their Labor & Delivery department, but they're booked through the end of June! Guess Adam and I will just have to figure out where to go once I'm actually in labor. It can't be that difficult.

I think the baby has started to drop. I'm not sure, since I never really "felt" this with Ryan. But I'm suddenly finding myself needing to use the bathroom all the time. And walking around is pretty uncomfortable, yet my breathing feels easier.

Other than that, nothing too exciting going on. My next midwife appointment isn't until the end of next week. Hopefully I'll know if I've progressed then!

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  1. Your maternity pic is really BEAUTIFUL!!! I feel SO BLESSED to have found your blog!!!!!!!!!!!