Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Weighty Wednesday: Plateau!

I didn't post anything last week because a) I didn't lose any weight, and b) I had nothing interesting to say, and c) I had no time.

So here we go with week 11 of my weight loss! This past week I lost 1 lb. I've been seriously slacking with the whole exercise, eating well thing. I think I've hit a plateau because it's getting a lot harder to get the numbers to drop.

Stats and Goals for Week 11:
Lbs Lost This Week: 1
Lbs Lost So Far: 19
Lbs Left to Lose: 11

Food Goal: No snacking! Unless of course I'm actually hungry. If I am, then I will eat. But otherwise I'm going to try and limit the in-between meals munchies.
Fitness Goal: I'm actually going to look for my ankle weights today and try to wear them every time I take Ryan out for a walk. (Usually between 30 and 45 minutes each day)


  1. Have to share this. When I got out of high school I gained about 20lbs from stopping sports and sitting all-day-long. I tried this diet program and they have a 3, 5, or 7 day diet you do to begin a diet and when you hit a plateau. It's not too bad because you can eat all you want!

    Here's the basics: Red meat cooked to your liking, any greens cooked to your liking, lemon juice for seasoning, Mrs. Dash for seasoning, all the butter you want, balsamic vinegar, 2 diet sodas a day, and have an orange in the am & pm.

    IT WORKS!! If you want to know more Ill get the paper out that has the specifics. My email is

    Good luck chicky!

  2. Because I'm still breastfeeding, I'm hesitant to try anything too restricting. I've already had to cut out dairy, so I don't really want to cut out any other food groups. Except maybe I should cut out dessert again. That seemed to work last time!