Saturday, August 28, 2010

I Love Lucy Lemons

I had an I Love Lucy moment yesterday. Have you ever seen the episode where she's in Hollywood and she tries to pick a grapefruit? It's growing in the yard of some movie star and Lucy jumps up on the yard's surrounding wall and tries to pick the grapefruit. Of course she ends up falling in his yard and is almost eaten by his dogs.

In my case, the fruit was a lemon growing in our neighbor's yard behind us. I've noticed they have tons of ripe juicy lemons just dying to be picked. And these are not just your ordinary lemons. They are meyer lemons. Super tasty.

So yesterday I pulled a chair up to our back fence, hopped up, and stole some lemons. Ryan sat in his little lamby chair near me. I told him to cover his eyes so he wouldn't get any ideas about climbing fences or trees when he's older. I don't think he listened.

Look at those beauties. They were worth risking my life for.

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