Wednesday, August 4, 2010

In a Funk

I woke up today feeling off. It's been one of those "Woe Is Me" mornings.

Ryan hasn't been sleeping well lately. As in, he just won't fall asleep at night. I end up nursing him in bed and eventually drifting off sometime before midnight. But throughout the night I am awake, nursing him on and off, trying not to roll over and crush him. As a result, I've been waking up feeling like a 90-year old woman who just ran a marathon.

The one exciting outing I was looking forward to this week (lunch with some friends) was cancelled.

I went to Target this morning to get 2 things I needed. Unfortunately this particular Target has new space-age plastic carts that don't allow me to put Ryan's carseat on top. So I put him in his stroller and stuffed all my purchases down below. I walked out of there $75 poorer, having spent the money on about 15 things I "needed".

Ryan is having a bad day as well. He was enjoying some tummy time this afternoon a little too soon after eating. He spit up and then rubbed his face in it. So I did what any self-respecting mother would do.

I grabbed my camera and took a picture. This pretty much sums up our day so far.

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  1. Hey if it would make you feel a little funkless, join Great Gma and your Mom and your Aunties at my house this Saturday as we celebrate Great Gma's 92nd Bday. Just relaxing and getting takeout from Strizzi's. Sometimes women power helps.

    Aunt Susan