Sunday, August 8, 2010

Danielle's Baby Shower

We had a great time yesterday at Danielle and Jon's Baby Shower!
They got so many great presents. Lots of pink! There were a few other babies there, all around the same age as Ryan. Here is Ryan with his new friend Andrew, who is just 2 weeks younger than Ryan.

Daddy held Ryan for a while.....

And we even took our first family picture!

By the end of the afternoon Ryan was worn out from all the excitement. (And one too many cake pops!)

I can't wait to meet Jon and Danielle's baby girl, Carly, due in September! A possible future girlfriend for Ryan?

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  1. YAY! Thanks for posting! I had such a wonderful day. Thanks for all of the yummy food! Everything was SO good! And I can't wait to try out the bouncer! And at the very least I'm sure Carly & Ryan will be BFF's for life :o)