Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ryan: 4 Months

Baby Ryan you are 4 months old today!!

This month was full of changes for you! You love to roll over all the time now, especially from your back to your tummy. I can't lay you down without you immediately flipping over onto your tummy.

You still haven't slept through the night since last month. I'm hoping the Dr. says you can start eating rice cereal soon. I've heard it helps to fill up your tummy, and therefore help you sleep longer!

You weigh just over 13 lbs now, and you're finally starting to look a little chubbier now. I love my chubby baby! Your hair is finally starting to grow back in and sometimes it likes to stick up.

You are constantly using your stomach muscles to try and sit up. You support your head really well, but can't hold your upper body up for more than a couple seconds before falling over.

I bought you your first toys last week. I am hoping you will learn to chew on them once you start teething. So far you still prefer your hands.
You've started "talking" and now you jabber all the time! You make the G sound a lot, kind of like "gaaah".

I Love you Baby Ryan!

PS: It is VERY hard to take good pictures of a squirmy 4-month old!

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