Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Refrigerator Makeover...Maybe

I am entering a contest over at Danica's Daily to win a Refrigerator Makeover! In order to increase my chances of winning, I am including a link to her blog above. Here's what the lucky winner will get:
  • $100 grocery store gift card
  • Healthy recipes & tips to get your grocery list started
  • Reach Right! package that includes a VIP coupon for a free tub of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter
  • A reusable grocery bag
  • A disposable camera to capture before/after makeover pics

I really hope I win, because moving and getting a new refrigerator is the perfect opportunity to stock up on new healthy foods! I just took a quick shot of how our current refrigerator looks:

Yes, that is a homemade pumpkin pie in my refrigerator. I told you this housewife business is hard!

Pretty scary, right? Our refrigerator needs a good cleaning but I'm waiting until we move to do that. I am so excited about our new kitchen appliances! I can't wait to fill our new refrigerator with lots of healthy foods. And now they will all be at eye-level, so I won't be constantly bending over to figure out what is hiding in the depths of our refrigerator.

Here is what the front of our new fridge looks like:

And the inside:

I can't wait! Wish me luck on the contest.

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  1. oooo a refrigerator makeover sounds amazing! i hope you win too! you need at least 1 task to be taken off your busy pregnant hands!