Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What Not to Say

So here's a little conversation I had yesterday with a security guard at work. I was in the breakroom heating up my lunch at around 11am when he walked in. YES I had already eaten my morning snack. And NO I can no longer wait until the more reasonable hour of noon to eat lunch. Keep in mind that he was staring at my belly the entire conversation. And YES, he said WOW! about 15 times.

Security Guard: WOW! You've really filled out since I last saw you.

(I just saw this guy like 10 days ago)

Me: Yea I'm getting near the end! And the baby is putting on an extra layer of fat now, so he's gaining weight pretty rapidly.

Security Guard: WOW! Is that why you're eating lunch so early?

Me: Well I do get hungry more often these days.

Security Guard: WOW! How far along are you?

Me: 34 weeks. Only 6 weeks left.

Security Guard: WOW! You look like you're ready to pop right now!

Me: Yes, not everyone is able to maintain their girlish figure like you.

OK so I didn't actually say that last line out loud.


  1. Lol...Steph you are too funny :o) Some people just have no clue...

  2. hahahhaha sooo funny. so i don't know if you watch the office. but if not, you have to at least watch the baby episode. she has 'second breakfast, lunch, second lunch and first dinner.' lol.