Tuesday, March 9, 2010


My co-workers surprised me today with a baby shower! I thought I couldn't be surprised because I've seen all the tricks used in my department over the past 5 years when throwing surprise parties. But they completely fooled me!

We had lunch in downtown San Carlos at a cute little restaurant called Spasso. I had the Skirt Steak Sandwich with a small side salad. Really yummy....I would definitely recommend it!

My kind co-workers all pitched in to buy the Pack N Play from my registry! I was completely blown away by their generosity. Adam and I were so excited that we set it up tonight in our family room.
Extra Credit if you can tell me what I was watching on TV!

All ready for baby!


  1. Mmmm... I've eaten at Spasso before. It's so good.

    What a cute playpen! Also, you're completely predictable and were watching Jason and Molly's Wedding Ep. :-p

  2. Lisa! How did you know what I was watching? Don't tell me you are secretly a Bachelor fan?

  3. I don't really watch the Bachelor, but I was completely captured by the twists and turns of the whole Jason vs Molly vs Melissa situation. Anyways, the chick on the tv looked vaguely familiar, and then in the next pic you can see ABC in the corner. I knew the wedding episode was on recently and that you love the Bachelor, so I put it all together. :)