Saturday, March 20, 2010

34.4 Week Dr. Appt

I had another great Dr. Appt yesterday, at 34 weeks and 4 days pregnant.

My blood pressure was the best it's been the entire pregnancy, at 108/66.

Weight gain was another 2 lbs, bringing my total to 23 lbs so far.

She measured my belly right at 35 cm and said the baby's heartbeat sounds great!

My Dr. also commented on my "excellent use of cocoa butter", since I don't have any stretch marks yet. I told her I haven't actually used any cocoa butter and she said then I just have really nice skin! I'm going to attribute that to having nice genes. (Thank You Mom!)

I'm feeling good overall. My only new pregnancy symptom this week is hot flashes. I feel like I'm constantly asking people "Is it hot in here?". But no, it's usually just me!

Baby is also getting stronger! My Dr. estimated him at 5 lbs right now, saying he will likely gain another 2.5-3 lbs before birth. Yay for a healthy baby! His movements definitely feel different now. Before, it was distinct little kicks. Now it's like he's slowly rolling around in there like a wave, and I can tell which side of me he's on. Like last night, for example. I suddenly felt him move to my right side and it felt like he was maybe sticking his butt up against the front of my stomach! I asked Adam to look at my belly and he immediately noticed that my right side was sticking out further than my left. So weird!

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