Thursday, March 4, 2010

32 Weeks....So Close!

I had my 32-week appt yesterday and I'm happy to report everything is looking good! My blood pressure was once again very normal (121/65). My weight....well I definitely gained weight this time! You might remember I kind of stalled out and hadn't gained anything since December. But over the past 2 weeks I put on 4 lbs, to bring my total to 21 lbs so far.

Honestly, prenatal appointments at this point are a bit boring because there's no ultrasound. Just a quick check in to make sure everything's progressing as it should. But yesterday my Dr. was in a good mood and said "Let's have a little fun today!". She brought in the ultrasound machine and I got to see my little guy again! His head is down, which is really good. He was wiggling around as usual, but she was able to take some measurements and determined he's approximately 4 pounds right now. He's getting so big! She also measured my amniotic fluid levels and said he's got plenty of fluid to swim around in.

I really feel blessed that things are going so well. I know a lot of pregnant women start to get incredibly uncomfortable at this point, and I'm happy to report that things aren't too bad for me yet. I'm sleeping through the night, with the exception of getting up once to use the bathroom. I feel heavy, but not so much that it makes walking or moving around difficult. I can't believe I'm getting so close. My Dr. gave me the phone number for Labor & Delivery yesterday and told me to call if anything starts to happen. Let's hope nothing happens for about 8 more weeks!


  1. a total of 21 pounds is awesome! When I get pregnant, I'm hoping to keep the baby weight gain under 30!

  2. working in the nicu.. i have to send you a big hip hip hooray for being at 32 weeks! seems like the little guy is fine with keeping on schedule! ^_^