Saturday, March 6, 2010

Spicy Thai and a Green Monster

Random belly shot of me from this week. I obviously don't know how to turn off the flash on my camera. Notice the empty laundry basket in our closet? Yea, that was 3 days ago. It isn't empty anymore. =/

Last night Adam and I went out to Thai Food with our friends at Simply Thai in Newark. Yum! However, I think my dear husband was trying to send me into premature labor with the spicy food. He ordered our Basil Chicken "Hot". Now, there are 4 levels of spiciness at a thai restaurant.....mild, medium, hot and Thai hot. We had never ventured past medium before. Let me tell you, how is very hot!! I am happy to report it did not cause any contractions, only some burning lips and sweating faces. Afterwards we went across the parking lot to get Fro-Yo here. I got a combo of tart and mango. It definitely cooled us down.

I was excited to wake up this morning and try my first Green Monster.

What? You don't know what that is?

I was inspired by Angela, of Oh She Glows. She started this big green monster movement in the food blog world. Basically, it's a smoothie made up of lots of spinach. Sound gross? Check out the recipes here. I had all the ingredients for the "Virgin Green Monster" so I gave it a whirl!

The participants: (Minus the Honey Bunches of Oats in the background. Those belong to Adam. Except I may have snuck some yesterday as a snack. oops!)
Baby spinach, flaxseed meal, banana, ice, Amazing Grass and milk.

Amazing Grass is like gold in the food blog world. It's a powder that can be blended with milk or added to smoothies. It contains tons of fruits and vegetables and other really healthy stuff. I bought this on sale a while back from Whole Foods but then forgot about it.

I have this weird thing about the stems on spinach and lettuce leaves. They just bother me. I've been known to pick them off in restaurants. It's very time-consuming.

The ingredients pre-blend:

And post-blend:

At this point you're probably thinking this looks really disgusting. I agree.

The final product! I took my first sip and had mixed emotions about the taste. But pretty soon I found myself gulping it down and I polished off both glasses! I offered some to Adam but he NO. When I asked why, he said "Because it's green". Oh well. I think a Green Monster is definitely an acquired taste, but it does taste good! And it doesn't hurt that my Amazing Grass powder is chocolate flavored. Chocolate and Spinach...who knew?

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  1. Hi sweetie!

    So happy you enjoyed the Green Monster!!! I'm sure your baby was grinning from ear to ear, hehe. You look so beautiful by the way. I LOVE the glow women have when pregnant. :)