Sunday, June 4, 2017

Lucas: Five

Happy 5th Birthday Lucas!!

5 years ago you came into this world doing things your own way, facing up instead of down.
Here you are at 1:
 And today at 5!

A few words I would use to describe you right now are funny, resilient, crazy, talkative, imaginative, stubborn, polite, impulsive and intelligent. This past year you learned to ride a bike, graduated from preschool, learned some math, got your first gray hairs (seriously!) and began setting the table for us most nights, and getting yourself dressed every morning.

You have a special sense of humor that I love. You have been really sick lately, and I knew that once I saw that goofy little smirk on your face again, you were feeling better. When you are upset, humor will sometimes help you to calm down. You can take a bit of teasing without getting your feelings hurt, and you especially love your Daddy's goofiness.
You love legos. You could sit and build a lego creation for a solid hour if uninterrupted. You also adore search and find books, and you are always so proud of yourself when you find whatever is hiding on the pages.
You are very energetic and always on the move. If I'm talking to you on the couch, you are likely upside down doing a headstand while you listen (or fail to listen!). You love doing acrobatics in the trampoline and you are extremely coordinated and athletic.
You adore your little siblings and you are so affectionate with them. You tend to love a little bit too much at times (smothering people), but I love how sweet and sensitive you can be. You are always my first boy to pick flowers for me or hug me if I'm hurt.
Now that you are 5 I'm looking forward to seeing you blossom into a "big kid".  I'd like to see you outgrow some of your impulsiveness and grow into your roll as big brother.
I love you so very much Lucas! I'm sorry you were so sick yesterday on your birthday, but I promise we will make it up to you. I never once heard you complain yesterday, and I am so proud of how strong you are. Happy Birthday Lukey Luke!!

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