Friday, June 23, 2017

Carseat Shuffle

Ever since Andrew was born we've been playing musical chairs with our carseats. Shortly before he was born we traded in our Ford Explorer for a used Toyota Sienna. I love the amount of cargo space we have in this car, and it fits our family of 6 very well.

We started out with both big boys in the back, since they can buckle themselves. But that led to lots of fighting that I was unable to control while driving. And then Ryan's carsickness became an issue. He often gets a headache and feels sick to his stomach in the backseat. This week he threw up after a 15-minute drive to VBS.
So we traded his carseat with Jenna's seat, and now she's in the back with Lucas. However, this makes it a real pain getting her in and buckled. I have to push the baby's seat forward and shove half my body in to buckle her. It's not ideal.
The baby obviously can't go in the back, so for now I'm having to climb in to buckle Jenna. I've tried teaching the boys to buckle and unbuckle her but they don't quite have the finger strength.

So we continue to play the carseat shuffle.

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