Friday, June 30, 2017

Adam's 3rd Stitch Fix

Adam received his 3rd Stitch Fix this week and it was his best one yet!
This fix was actually a bit of a surprise, as both Adam and I forgot that it was scheduled to come. I quickly left a note for his stylist requesting casual inexpensive pieces for HOT weather. And she definitely delivered!

Here is the note from his stylist: "Hey, Adam, and Happy Fix day! I'm happy to be styling you again and I hope you're having an enjoyable summer so far. Wow, you weren't kidding when you said it's hot there....and I thought Texas was bad! Let's get you some new summer clothes. The Flag & Anthem shorts will be perfect for casual summer days. They're a linen/cotton blend so they'll be nice and breathable. Try them with each of the shirts in this Fix and add the black sneakers to complete the look. The Julian & Mark polo will also look good with jeans or casual chino pants, should you need to dress up a little more. Let me know how everything works for you. I hope you're able to find something that you like and I hope you can find a way to keep cool for the next couple of months! Take care--Maribeth"

Essential Spacedye Crew Tee by Hawker Rye

It looks gray in this picture but this tee is actually a deep blue. I thought it looked great on Adam. It was a basic comfy tee, but just different enough with the spacedye pattern to be special. I've seen Adam dress the same way for 20 years, so it's always fun to see him in something a little different. Adam wasn't initially sure about the spacedye effect. Status: UNDECIDED

Westford Linen Short by Flag and Anthem

Adam was happy to see that these shorts were a size 35.....a size that is difficult for him to find in stores. These fit him perfectly and he loved the way they felt. They at a nice light gray color. I doubt Adam has ever owned anything made out linen before! He liked these so much that he pulled off the tags and wore them immediately. Status: KEPT

Charlie Spaedye Polo by Julian and Mark

Another spacedye shirt! Adam put this on and could NOT stop talking about how soft and comfortable it was. The material was so incredibly thin, and that is how Adam prefers his clothes. I've never heard him gush about a polo shirt like this. He declared it "the most comfortable top he's ever worn". Status: UNDECIDED, but probably keeping.

The Rosen Runner Sneaker by Greats

We had mixed feelings about these shoes. I didn't immediately love them. Adam didn't either, but he appreciated that the soles were made out of vibram, the same material as his workboots. This meant they were incredibly comfy. Unfortunately they were just a tiny bit snug in the toes. Stitch Fix does allow exchanges, so Adam could request the next size up for no shipping fees. Status: UNDECIDED

Essential Stripe Crew Tee by Hawker Rye
Another easy casual shirt that Adam loved. The fit was perfect and the color combo of the stripes was just different enough without being too trendy for Adam. He ripped off the tags and wore it for the rest of the day. Status: KEPT

Here is where it gets tricky. Adam loved 3 out of the 5 items. But when you keep all 5 items in your Stitch Fix box, you get a 25% discount. This means his 2 tops, shorts, shoes, and polo shirt would cost him approximately the same amount as keeping only his 3 favorites. What to do, what to do?

This was Adam's best fix so far. He is all about comfort and that's exactly how we would describe this fix. If you would like to try Stitch Fix for yourself or the man in your life, please consider using Adam's referral link below!

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