Sunday, June 11, 2017

Lucas' 5th Birthday Celebration

We finally celebrated Lucas' birthday a week after he turned 5! He is almost back to normal after being sick for so long, and we decided to invite family over for some dessert and presents.
Lucas kept saying he wanted a "frosting cake". I finally realized he just wanted frosting, and no actual cake. So I literally made a bowl of buttercream frosting for him, and then made cookie bars and ice cream for everyone else.

Lucas got some cool new legos, a fun pool toy, a Spider-Man kite, a scooter, coloring book, and a big green ball. Lucas is also the proud new owner of a fidget spinner! Ryan is super jealous and wants to buy one for himself now.

Birthday parties have been so different lately than they were a few years ago. We used to go all out....50 guests, a theme, goodie bags, games, a full meal. But lately we've just been doing a simple celebration with family. Maybe that's what happens when you move to a new place and don't have many friends? Or maybe that's what happens when you have 4 young kids and you're too busy to plan a party!

Either way I think he enjoyed himself.
I realized my sister and I had 9 out of our 11 kids together yesterday. So I lined them up by age and tried to get a good picture.
 The little girls were totally in to posing.

What a fun day we had celebrating Lucas!

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