Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Andrew: 4 Months

Happy 4 Months Andrew!

You are such a sweet little boy. This month you started babbling and you haven't stopped! You love looking at faces and listening to people talk to you. Your face lights up and you start cooing and babbling baby sounds. You also laugh now, which is adorable!

You nurse well and often. You are still very infant-like in your schedule. You like to take lots of little catnaps and snacks throughout the day. Your nursing sessions are getting shorter and shorter, and when you are done you always like to lay and "talk" to me.

You adore Lucas and think he is hilarious! He can almost always make you laugh.

You can roll over both ways, but don't seem too motivated. When I put you down you tend to just babble or chew on your hands (SO much drool!), rather than try to move and get somewhere. Your brothers were definitely movers at this age, but so far you are more of a talker.

Your hairline forms into a widow's peak on your forehead, as you can see here:

The other day you discovered your reflection and you were so happy to see another baby smiling back at you!

I'm really loving this age. You are just so sweet and content, as long as your needs are met. You do prefer to be held by me, but I really don't mind. Knowing you are most likely my last baby makes me want to savor these sweet baby days.

I love you so much "Andy-Drew" or "Drewski". My big 4-month old!

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