Saturday, June 17, 2017

Day In The Life 6/17/17

My first Day In The Life post with 4 kids! On this Saturday my kids are 7, 5, 2.5 and 3.5 months.

6:30am: I'm nursing Andrew in bed and Ryan is asleep next to me. I can hear Adam getting ready for work.

7am: The baby is getting noisy so it's time to get up. I don't want Ryan to wake up before it's absolutely necessary. That boy is grumpy in the morning. It's nice to lay in bed this long now that its summer!

Andrew is all congested, as he has been for the last few mornings. Baby allergies or his 3rd cold?
7:30 - Adam leaves for work with a huge thing of ice water. Poor guy will be working in 100+ temps today. All three boys are up, but sleeping beauty Jenna is still in her crib. I start a load of laundry.

8:00 - I eat chia pudding for breakfast....I made it using 1/8 cup chia seeds and 1/2 cup coconut milk. I top it with some granola and also eat a plum. The pudding is surprisingly really flavorful and filling! Lucas and Jenna drink smoothies and Ryan eats nothing. I have the kids get dressed so we can go to the park.

9am - We head out and it's already getting warm! I wear the baby and push Jenna in the stroller while the boys ride their bikes. We go to Ryan's school and practice our burnouts.
It's always a bit nerve-wracking for me to take all 4 kids out, mostly because I never know when Lucas is going to get upset and throw a fit. Today he throws down his bike a few times but overall the kids are really good at the park.

10:30 - We are home and sweaty! I let the kids sit down and watch part of a movie while they cool off.

Ryan and Jenna decide they don't want to watch TV with Lucas, so they go watch TV in my room.

And I feed this guy. We are interrupted a bunch by kids requesting snacks, drinks, etc. But eventually Andrew's tummy is full and he's happy.
I also read my devotional for the day.

11am- Time to get some cleaning done! The kids are watching a movie and Andrew is content so I unload the drying rack and dishwasher, then re-load it and start it. I switch the laundry and begin a 2nd load. I find Ryan and Jenna like this in my bed:
11:30 - Lunch time for the kids! Ryan picked out these uncured beef hot dogs from Trader Joe's. They are wrapped in some sort of filo dough and he loves them. Lucas eats crackers and a strawberry. Jenna eats her turkey, a strawberry, and skips her crackers and requests a peanut butter sandwich instead.
12:00 - I put Andrew down for a nap on our guest room bed. He's my first baby who doesn't have a nursery, so he just kind of naps wherever is convenient. I give the boys some ice cream and take Jenna upstairs for her nap. She sleeps with a big white puffy comforter in her crib, and she calls it her cloud.
12:30 - I send the boys into quiet time. Ryan's in the playroom and Lucas is playing with legos in the living room. All 4 kids are either asleep or quiet (Jenna is just playing in her crib)'s officially Mommy time! I microwave some leftover turkey/cabbage stir fry for myself and mix together some BBQ sauce to have with our dinner. Yesterday I cleaned out our freezer. It was SO gross. Today I finish the task of moving all our food back into it.

1pm - Andrew is awake so I take him upstairs and nurse him on my bed. Then he helps me put away a few loads of laundry.

2pm - Laundry was so tiring that the baby fell asleep again. The boys are getting antsy because I promised them we'd get out the wading pool today. I tell them they need to clean up the playroom before they can swim. While they are doing that I make myself some iced coffee and whip up a batch of granola to pop in the oven.
2:30 - Time to swim! I set up the trampoline and wading pool next to each other and the boys love it.

Andrew and Jenna wake up.

Jenna plays in the water for only 10 minutes before deciding she'd rather paint.

I have a big roll of white paper that I taped on our back table yesterday. I figured it'd be a mess-free way for the kids to draw or paint.

I sit outside with the baby for a while but it's too hot. So I test out his new (used) exersaucer inside. I bought this from someone yesterday and I think Andrew is the perfect age to start using it.

Lucas runs inside and tells me his toe fell off. He corrects himself and tells me his toenail is gone. His toenail had been hanging on by a thread so I'm glad it finally fell off!

3:30 - We come inside for a snack break. Fruit bar for me, mini tacos for Ryan, apple juice for Jenna, granola bar for Lucas, and breastmilk for Andrew. The kids watch a little bit more of their movie from earlier.

4pm - I send the big kids back outside. After a few minutes I go to check on them and hear Ryan say "what's that smell?". Ugh Jenna pooped in the pool. I grab her and stick all 3 kids in the shower to sanitize them. The baby's crying but I need to clean Jenna off first. Lucas gets mad in the shower and slams the door closed so hard I'm afraid the glass will break. I grab the other two kids and get them out before he starts throwing shampoo bottles.
4:30 - The kids are dried off, calmed down, and in their jammies. We all pile onto my bed for some reading time. Andrew isn't happy but then I put him in my lap and he nurses and dozes off while I read.

We end up reading all 9 stories in this Aesop's book. It's a new book I got from Usborne and my kids love it.

5:30 - Adam is home!! Praise the Lord because I can feel my patience running out. I go downstairs to start on dinner and tell the kids to play upstairs. But somehow they all follow me downstairs. Sometimes it feels like I can never get a moment alone!

6:15 - We eat dinner. Or actually Jenna and I eat dinner, and nobody else really likes what I made.
While I'm eating I have Andrew sitting on my lap and he explodes through his diaper all over me. It's gross, but a blessing in disguise because now I get to take a shower! Andrew and I shower and I tell everyone else to clean up from dinner.

7:30 - Well their idea of cleaning up from dinner was taking everything off the table and putting it on the counter. I finish putting stuff away and washing dishes and sweeping the floor while the kids play upstairs.


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