Monday, July 3, 2017

Checkups for Lucas and Andrew

Last week I Lucas and Andrew to see their pediatrician for their well checks. Lucas was NOT happy about going because the poor guy went to the doctor so much last month and got poked and prodded. But I promised him this time would be shots and lots of stickers.
When our doctor walked into the room he said "I've been reviewing your kids' charts, and you've had a busy few months!". Ugh yes. I'm hoping for zero doctor visits the rest of the summer.

Here are Lucas' 5 year growth stats: He has gained back 4 of the 5 pounds he lost while being sick last month!

Weight: 41 lbs 2 oz (51%)
Height: 3 ft 6.25 inches (33%)

Surprisingly I didn't have too much to discuss about Lucas. The doctor had a little chat with him about eating a healthy diet (went in one ear and out the other!). His hearing and vision checked out great. Lucas refused to talk during the entire visit.

Next up was baby Andrew.
Andrew's 4 month growth stats:

Weight: 13 lbs 14 oz (17%)
Height 2 ft 1.5 inches (65%)

The doctor was surprised by his weight percentile because he looks nice and plump. Again, I had no real concerns or questions about Andrew. He did get his 4-month booster vaccines, but Lucas made sure to pick out a sticker for him.

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