Friday, July 28, 2017

Andrew: 5 Months

Happy 5 months big boy!

I feel like you changed a lot this month. You are so curious about everyone around you, and your favorite thing is to interact with people. You love to babble and smile at us. It even sounds like you are saying "hi" sometimes. Your face just lights up when someone talks to you!

Especially Lucas. You two seem to have a special bond. This morning he decided he's going to start calling you Drewy. It's funny because Jenna always preferred Ryan when she was your age. But you definitely love your Lucas.
Your favorite activity is stuffing every single finger and toe into your mouth.
You still tend to just snack and take cat naps throughout the day. I'm beginning to feel really worn out from sleeping with you next to me at night. We are thinkin g about moving you to the crib, although we haven't figured out where to put it. I wake up with an aching back and pulled muscles a lot, and it's all your fault! While it's nice to just roll over and nurse you if you wake up, it would also be nice to have space to myself at night.

You still aren't much of a roller! If I put your on your tummy you will actually try to army crawl a little, but rarely will you try to roll over. However, if I sit you on your bottom you always try to stand up on your legs.


Speaking of legs, yours seem to be short and stocky. I think you are going to have really muscular legs like your Daddy.

You are showing a lot of interest in my food so I'm planning on starting you on solids this month. I really enjoy this phase of babyhood, when you start eating and moving around a little bit. In my experience this is when my babies are most happy and content.
I love you so much my sweet Andy-Drew.
Happy 5 Months!

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