Monday, July 24, 2017

The Kids Right Now

Andrew seems like such a big baby all of a sudden! He is getting super wiggly, like he wants to stand up and run or crawl around, but he can't. He gets frustrated very easily if he doesn't have something in his mouth, and I think he will have his first tooth soon.


Jenna is full of sugar and spice these days! On the one hand she can be quite sassy, doing things like hitting her brothers, disobeying, and whining. However, she can also be the sweetest little girl ever. She loves calling me her "Mommy Girl" and the things she says just melt my heart!


I can't believe Lucas starts school next month! He has calmed down a little bit this month and he is so affectionate with me. His favorite thing to do is build lego creations. He is so creative and focused when building something, and he makes the best engine sounds!

Ryan has me so confused these days. On the one hand he can have the attitude of a teenager, which I hate! But on the other hand he is still so innocent. The other day he lost a tooth and he was concerned the Tooth Fairy wouldn't be able to find him because he was sleeping in our room. So cute!

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