Sunday, May 28, 2017

Andrew: 3 Months

Happy 3 Months Andrew!
You have been a happier little boy this month. You do get really upset when you are hungry or tired, but as long as your basic needs are met you are pretty content.
You enjoy laying and looking at toys for short periods of time. You also like hearing Jenna or I sing to you.
Your new favorite hobby is blowing bubbles and chewing on your hands. You have got to be teething because you have SO much drool coming out of your mouth!
You still take lots of little catnaps rather than longer naps. You are also getting pretty wiggly, and I can't always leave you alone anymore. Unfortunately you rolled right off the ottoman the other day on to the carpet. Bad mommy mistake!
Your eye is still oozing because of a blocked tear duct. You also have pretty bad cradle cap, as all our kids have had. You also had your first ingrown toenail yesterday. Poor little boy!
You were rolling over for around a week when you were just 10 days old, but then you stopped and haven't done it since. You are doing okay with tummy time but lately you've been falling asleep on your tummy instead of trying to lift your head up and roll over.
You have the softest skin and the blondest hair. Your eyes are still really dark blue, and I'm curious to see what shade of blue they end up at.
I love you so much Andrew John Nullmeyer! (AKA Drewski or Andy-Drew) You are just as sweet and cute as can be.

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