Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Weighty Wednesday: Week 8

It's been two weeks since I've posted my weight loss results. And during that time I've lost.......wait for it......half a pound.

Lbs Lost So Far: 9.5
Lbs Left To Lose: 17.5

It's frustrating. For some reason my body seems to want to hold on to weight this time. When I see good weight loss on the scale, it encourages me to keep going. But when I eat healthy and only see a half pound loss, it kind of makes me feel like, what's the point? But I know I'm doing good things for my body, even if I don't see the numbers going down as fast as I'd like.

Here's what I ate yesterday:

Breakfast: 1 piece of bread (Dave's Killer Bread thin-sliced whole grains and seeds), 1 boiled egg, 1 peach that wasn't that great.
 Jenna wanted me to take a picture of her breakfast!
 Snack: String Cheese
Lunch: I was at the splash park and didn't pack myself a lunch, so I just snacked on these carrots dipped in guacamole.
Snack: Homemade popsicle containing whole milk plain yogurt, strawberry yogurt, apple juice, maple syrup
Ryan was eating chocolate chips near me and then he ran off to play and forgot about them. So I did what any good Mom would do and ate his treat for him! I ate these plus about 10 more.
Dinner: Turkey spaghetti over whole grain noodles topped with parmesan. Side salad of butter lettuce and cucumbers.
I really wanted something sweet like ice cream after dinner. I compromised and ate an apple dipped in honey caramel sauce. Our neighbors have their own local honey business and this caramel sauce they make is divine!
So my plan for this coming week is to just keep doing what I've been doing. I've been trying to eat based on the 21 Day Fix containers most days, although I haven't been super strict about it. If I'm still not seeing results this week I may change things up a little bit.

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