Saturday, May 6, 2017

Double Doctor Checkups

This week I took Ryan and Andrew together to the doctor for their 7-year and 2-month well checks, respectively. It was fun going somewhere with just my oldest and youngest!

Up first was Andrew. Here are his 2-month growth stats:

Weight: 11 lbs 10 oz (26%)
Height: 23.5 inches (62%)
Head: 15.75 inches (69%)
Andrew's weight growth has slowed down a bit...but he looks pretty big to me! We talked about why his left eye is constantly leaking and oozing yellow goo (blocked tear duct). I also talked to the doctor about Andrew's fussiness and how he only takes little catnaps during the day. He said it's a bit early to start any sort of sleep training, which I agree with. However, Andrew is definitely getting used to sleeping next to me at night and being worn during the day. He loves being close to Mommy at all times!

Up next was Ryan. Here are his 7-year growth stats:

Weight: 47 lbs 5 oz (30%)
Height: 45.25 inches (10%)
We talked about Ryan's dry bumpy skin, which he's had since he was a baby. (moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!) We talked about his poor eating habits (Doctor isn't too concerned as long as he is growing well). And finally we discussed Ryan's awful allergies. His doctor said he can start taking Singulair (in addition to his daily Zyrtec and nose spray), which strangely enough is the daily steroid that Lucas takes for his asthma. I wasn't crazy about the idea of putting Ryan on yet another medicine for his allergies, so I'm going to think about it first. We keep our windows closed, use peppermint oil in our diffuser, and try to give Ryan a shower most nights before bed. But the poor boy is so miserable this time of year!
And that was it for our double doctor visit. Andrew got his first round of vaccines but Ryan doesn't have to get any shots until he turns 11. He was super pumped about this!

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