Monday, May 22, 2017

Sunday Park Day

Yesterday we headed over to Quarry Park, a new-to-us park here in Rocklin. I heard about it through MOPS and knew we had to go back as a family.

The playground is kind of like a log cabin and our kids loved it!
 Adam got all sorts of new ideas for our playroom while we were there.
 Next we played on the wooden train for a while.

A church service was about to begin in the amphitheater at the park, so we ran around in the field before taking the kids for a little walk around the lake.

We found an old truck

A waterfall

And rattlesnake warnings.

The boys managed not to fall in the creek, but not without a few close calls and drenched shoes.

We ended our morning with a little picnic lunch.

What a fun relaxing morning!

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