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Day In The Life 11/15/16

I write these posts about twice a year, and love looking back on them to see what life was like at my different stages of motherhood. Ok here we go, a random Tuesday for you!

5:45am - I hear Jenna crying on the monitor. I bring her in to bed next to me and we snuggle and I wait for her to fall back to sleep. I usually get up at 6am. At 6:15 I try to sneak out of bed but she's instantly awake. I quickly get dressed and throw on a little makeup and we head downstairs to get ready for the day.
This shirt is a lot tighter than the last time I wore it! It's supposed to be 70 degrees today but the mornings are really cold so I throw on my army green cargo vest.

6:30 - I start preparing a smoothie for myself and fixing Jenna's breakfast at the same time. I've been on a big frozen cherry kick lately but I just ran out, so I try something new today. It's a recipe from "How Jen Does It" on YouTube. I blend together 1 cup unsweetened almond milk, 1 frozen banana, 1 frozen fig, a big spoonful of crunchy almond butter, and about a teaspoon of cinnamon. (I don't love almond butter but this salty crunchy kind from Trader Joe's is really good!)
6:45 - Adam leaves for work and Ryan wakes up. He's grumpy but he smiles for the camera.
I usually don't let Ryan watch TV before school but he turns on the TV and the Brady Bunch is on! I can't help it....I let him watch a little bit while he eats.

7:00 - I finish packing Ryan's lunch, feed Jenna, nag Ryan about getting dressed, and get Lucas up. He was pretty sick the past couple days with a high fever but he seems a bit perkier today. Ryan decides he hates his shirt at the last minute, Lucas drops his breakfast on the ground outside, and the boys start a fight. But we manage to get in the stroller on time.

7:40 - We walk Ryan to school. Have a great day Ryan!

8:00 - Back at home I sit down to eat my breakfast. In addition to my smoothie and coffee, I eat 1.5 boiled eggs. Jenna stole my other half.
While I eat, Jenna and Lucas watch PJ Masks. They both love this show. Jenna always requests it, except she calls it "TJ Maxx!!".

8:15 - Dishes dishes dishes. They're never-ending! Once the kitchen is clean I sweep and do a general pick-up downstairs. It's like stuff just randomly sprouts up....dirty clothes, toys, paperwork, shoes, just stuff everywhere.

9:00 - We head upstairs to get dressed and do a quick pick-up. I tell Lucas to read Jenna a book but he keeps tackling her.

We are blessed to have a big master bathroom. Unfortunately our countertop ends up being a dumping ground for all sorts of junk. So I finally clean it up. Before:


Adam calls and tells me he just got out of a meeting and now he's being sent to work in the Bay Area.

9:45 - I tell the kids to get ready to go. Jenna gets her boots on.

And this is Lucas' idea of getting ready.

10:00 - We leave for the library. I eat this mini Larabar in the car. It's about 1/3 the size of a regular Larabar.

I'm just returning one book and picking up another. I can't wait to start this new one! I put the kids in the double stroller and we go for a walk in the library neighborhood. We walk through a craft store and then Lucas spots Jamba Juice across the street and begs me for some. I get the kids a Berry Upbeat with added kale and they both love it. We walk back to the library to load back in to the car. There is a little lake with a fountain at our library. Do any of you remember when I saw the dead body here? I still can't believe that happened. (Read about it here)

11:45 - Back at home I switch the laundry and put Jenna down for her nap. Ryan gets out of school at 12:20 today but he's going straight to a friend's house so I don't need to pick him up.

Lucas eats a snack and heads up to the playroom for quiet time. Some days it works, and some days it doesn't. I play with him for a few minutes today and leave, satisfied that he'll keep busy for a little while. I get 20 quiet minutes out of him today.

12:45 - Lunch! I am so hungry. I stuff a whole wheat pita full of cucumber, lettuce, tomato, rotisserie chicken, and homemade ranch dressing. On the side I eat some mini peppers with more dressing because it is SO good.

After I scarf down my lunch I get to work on making some lists. I'm planning a little birthday party for Jenna, as well as thinking ahead to Thanksgiving. I don't know how people get by without making lists.

Lucas is popping in and out of the playroom. Sometimes he wants me to come watch him race cars, other times he has new creations to show me.

1:45 - I give up on my list-making and head upstairs to give Lucas some attention. We play and then he helps me put away a big load of the boys' laundry.

2:15 - Jenna is awake! She had a nice long 2-hour nap today so she's in a good mood. The kids eat popcorn and I move car seats around so they're all in one car.

2:45 - We leave to pick up Ryan from his friend's house.
I missed my big guy!
3:30 - My sister arrives with her 3 youngest to play and watch my kids. I walk over to school for Ryan's parent teacher conference.

4:00 - I'm back home and the cousins are in full play mode. Adam is also home! It's hockey season again, so he's parked in front of the TV.
4:30 - The cousins leave. Adam takes Jenna upstairs for a bath and the boys jump in the trampoline. I realize they aren't fighting, so I take a video to document the rare occasion.

About 5 seconds after I end the video a huge fight breaks out and they both end up with scratch marks all over their torsos. I send Lucas upstairs for a bath and start homework with Ryan.

6:00 - Dinner! We have taco salads. Mine has iceburg lettuce, turkey taco meat, black beans, avocado, pepper jack cheese, tomato, and pico de gallo. On the side I have some roasted brussels sprouts.

On this particular night Jenna clears our plates from the table, Ryan is in charge of wiping off the table and Lucas needs to sweep. Neither boy can find the broom, so guess what they do? They ask Jenna! And she goes and finds it! I thought this was hilarious that they asked their 2-yr-old sister. She's already such a little helper and everyone knows it.

6:30 - We head upstairs to the playroom.

7:00 - Bedtime! Lucas got sent to bed a little early for some bad behavior, so Ryan enjoys staying up to read us his school books.

8:00 - I shower, pack lunches, and sit down to do a little party research online before cracking open my new book and eating a bowl of Rice Krispies with milk.

And that's it! A very blessed, pretty easy day, unfortunately followed by a hard night of painful leg cramps and a migraine headache.

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