Friday, November 25, 2016

Jenna's Rainbow Party

On Monday we had a little party for Jenna's 2nd birthday. I decided on a rainbow theme and invited her cousins, as well as her Grandma Jan.
I had some little helpers, and Ryan was surprisingly really helpful with blowing up balloons and making paper chains!

Cousin Jacob.....not so much.

I knew I wanted to make a multi-tiered rainbow cake, but I wanted to avoid using artificial food dyes. So I found these all natural food colors at Whole Foods that are made with vegetable juice!
I even used natural sprinkles for the top.

 The food colors weren't as strong as normal food dyes, so the cake was more of a pastel rainbow cake. But still cute! (And no vegetable taste whatsoever)

For dinner we ate spaghetti and garlic bread.
 Jenna was a little sick with a cold so she stayed in her jammies all day instead of changing into a party dress.
 Here is a video of her blowing out her 2 candles!

Present time!

Jenna got some new shoes, clothes, and dolls with strollers. This was out pinkest party yet!

Happy Birthday Jenna!

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