Wednesday, November 9, 2016

24 Week Prenatal Appointment

I had my 24 week prenatal checkup yesterday and all is looking good! Here are my stats:

Blood Pressure: 86/52
Total Weight Gain: 15 lbs

Interesting to note that at 25 weeks pregnant with Jenna I had already gained 28 pounds! So I'm pretty happy with my 15 pound weight gain, even though it is above average. (It always is. Sigh) I actually hadn't gained any weight since my last appointment, and my appetite was pretty small. Then I got really sick and didn't eat for a few days. I was down 4 pounds from my last checkup. But this past week I have been SO hungry! And I've had no problem gaining that weight back, plus a couple pounds. I think baby went through a growth spurt this week!

I had my cardiac treadmill stress test last week and everything looks good. They aren't sure what is causing my chest pains right over my heart, but nothing irregular showed up on the EKG, which is good.  It was really interesting running on the treadmill, watching my blood pressure and heartrate climb. Once it got to 160 they stopped me and I was working pretty hard by then! (Doesn't help that I had been in bed the previous day with the flu). They said my heart responded like an average 30-some year old.

Overall yesterday's prenatal checkup was an uneventful appointment. I don't have too many complaints right daily headaches have eased up and I'm not terribly uncomfortable yet. The baby is kicking away and he sure feels strong! The doctor measured my stomach and it is measuring right at 24 centimeters. Some days, particularly in the mornings, I get a lot of comments about how small my stomach looks. But by the evening it looks and feels huge.

In other baby news, we have NO baby names picked out. We haven't quite figured out where he will sleep at night beyond the newborn stage, since our bedrooms are filled up. We don't have enough car seats for our 4 kids yet. We haven't gotten any baby boy clothes down from the attic yet.  It just feels like we don't have extra time to do any of these things. I think once the holiday season passes it will be a race to get everything ready for baby #4!

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