Monday, June 8, 2015

Half Day In The Life Saturday

Saturday June 6, 2015

4:30am - My day began when I heard Jenna crying. I went into her room and nursed her and put her back in her crib. As I got back in to bed at 4:55 Adam's alarm went off. He was working in the Bay Area this day and needed to get an extra early start.

6:30am - Ryan is awake next to me and Lucas is standing next to the bed looking at me. Guess it's time to get up! I get the boys dressed and we head downstairs to start a load of laundry. The boys eat muffins and watch VeggieTales while I drink my coffee and eat toast with peanut butter and a peach from the farmer's market. This is my kitchen sink.....pretty much all the time. The dishes are endless!
7:30 - I run upstairs to get dressed. I notice our bathroom is filthy so I do a quick 5-minute clean. Lucas meanwhile is destroying his room. While I'm scrubbing the toilet Ryan wanders in and asks me to tell him the story of when I broke my finger as a kid. I get Jenna up. I nurse her on the couch next to the boys. She is always so happy to see me when she wakes up!
8:30am - Boys get in a fight and Ryan shoves Lucas over. Lucas punches me, and both boys get a timeout. I get them ready to go outside but more fighting ensues, so we have more timeouts.

9:00 - They are finally ready. There was a big thunder and lightening storm last night so we head out for a walk to see the damage. We see a few neighbors' trees that got knocked over from the wind.
9:30 - We clean up the entire first floor of the house. The boys help me pick up all the toys and I vacuum. Ryan and Lucas want a snack. Ryan eats a banana and some fritos (leftover treat from yesterday), lucas has homemade cheese crackers and a cup of mandarin oranges.
10:15 - I put Jenna down for an overdue nap. Boys get to watch Mickey because I cant leave them alone otherwise.

10:30 - I send the boys outside so I can finish the dishes. They play in sand. Lucas gets two timeouts for throwing sand and hitting me.
11:00 - Jenna is awake so I hurry up and finish cleaning the kitchen. Much better!
11:15 - I go upstairs to nurse Jenna while Ryan uses his first penny to play a car racing game on the computer. Lucas watches him. I enjoy my time alone with just Jenna.
11:45 - I set up a race track for boys to play with upstairs while I do some cleaning. (Our house is pretty dirty right now)
I put away two loads of laundry, vacuum the entire upstairs, and empty all the trash cans. Oh and I find some dinosaurs in my bathtub.
The race track ends up on the stairs. Shooting cars down the stairs occupies the boys for about 15 minutes while I finish straightening up upstairs.
12:30- I'm starving so we head downstairs for lunch. Boys get leftover pizza and apple slices. I eat a leftover stuffed pepper along with some carrots and hummus, and a few bites of Lucas' pizza that he didn't eat.
1:15 - Quiet time! Both boys get a small cup with a few chocolate chips to take into their respective quiet times. I pray they stay in their rooms longer than 3 minutes today. I have to admit...this is the time of day when I just want to lay down and close my eyes for a minute. I would love a little break to myself, but it's just not possible. Instead I usually pour myself some caffeine after lunch and power through the rest of the day. Sometimes I treat myself to iced coffee with a little cream mixed in. Today it's just iced sun tea.
After about 5 minutes Lucas goes into the room with Ryan. I watch them on the monitor before going up there, hoping they'll play together nicely for a few minutes. I notice Jenna yawning, so I put her down for her second nap. I'm watching the boys on the monitor while I rock the baby, and I see them going under Ryan's bed. I wish they'd fall asleep!

1:45 - Jenna is asleep. I put away the boys' clean laundry while they play NOT so quietly in the playroom. I am interrupted about a million times to break up fights.

2pm: Boys are still playing so I do a little prep work for dinner. Wash kale and make some BBQ sauce. I get good news...Adam will be home early!

2:15 - It's a pretty hot day so I pull out the slip n slide. Since Jenna just went down for her nap I decide to join the boys and play in the water. I hear Jenna on the monitor right as I'm about to get wet. Darn. I can't get her to nap longer than 30-40 minutes these days!
Jenna comes out to watch us play. We slip and slide for a while. I feel so old trying to do this!
We discover a baby snail in the grass.
3pm - We're hot! We break for homemade popsicles. YUM
Adam got home not too long after this. That evening we BBQ'd dinner and ate outside until another storm rolled in. An exciting ending to a great day with my kiddos!

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