Thursday, June 4, 2015

My Cooking Mojo

I was cooking dinner the other night when Adam asked what we were having. I don't remember what I was making that particular night, but Adam's response was something along the lines of "Again? Didn't we just have that the other night?" And I responded by saying something along the dramatic lines of "Motherhood is killing my inner foodie. I've lost my cooking mojo."

I used to try all sorts of new recipes. I made a variety of cuisines, and I prided myself on rarely making the same thing twice. These days our dinner rotation looks a little more boring: pizza, tacos, salmon, fried chicken.....and repeat. Or at least it feels that way to me. I have slowly fallen into the routine of cooking food on most nights that I know one of my boys will eat. It just makes life easier. When your kids refuse to eat your cooking night after night after night, sometimes you just want to make something you know will be eaten, you know?

When Adam commented on my dinner that night, it got me thinking. Was I really making the same things over and over? Should I make more of an effort with the dinners I make these days? Or had Adam just gotten spoiled over the years with my pre-3 kids cooking?

I got my answer a few days ago when Adam came home from work and told me what his co-workers have been saying about his work lunches. He said they call his lunches "gourmet" and ask if his wife runs a restaurant. He told me that most of them bring frozen corndogs for lunch, defrosting them on the hot dashboard of their work truck. Every day they ask what Adam is eating for lunch and they rave about how good his food smells.

So obviously my cooking is a step above frozen corndogs. And I should probably cut myself some slack, because I do have 3 little kids, after all. But I still always feel like I want to do more. I have a constant stream of recipes in my head that I want to try and share with other people.

I'm going to attempt to share more recipes on here, or at least talk about what we're cooking and eating. It may not be glamorous but I love talking (writing?) about food, and it seems that many of you like reading about it. Sound good?

One "recipe" I made just for myself this week: Sun Tea! I simply filled up a mason jar with cold water and two black tea bags, and put it out in the sun just after breakfast. By mid-afternoon I had delicious iced tea waiting for me! Have you ever made sun tea?

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