Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Stitch Fix Review #16

I'm back with another Stitch Fix review! This was another great one. I typically only keep one item from each box, but I actually kept two things this month! I have already worn each item, so I know I made a good choice. Jenna also agrees. She grabbed onto the dress that came in my box and wouldn't let go.
I did a fun little project this month with my Stitch Fix styling cards. I took the cards for the items I have kept and put them onto a ring. That way if I'm getting dressed and need a little inspiration for how to style my Stitch Fix clothes, I can consult my handy little ring of style cards!
First peek of my clothes this month:
My note from my stylist Heather reads: Hi Stephanie! Thanks for the fun request! I'm so glad to see you're loving the light washed denim trend, unfortunately so is everyone else and I wasn't able to find you a great pair of shorts or jeans that I thought you would love. I promise to keep looking! I did find you some amazing tops with a boho-edgy vibe that will be so much fun to wear this summer with a pair of cutoffs or capris. The Chrissy blouse by Sweet Rain comes in a gorgeous turquoise that I know will look phenomenal on you. And I think you are going to love the edgy back cut-out detail! The Jilla tank by Skies are Blue is a great neutral piece with bohemian flair in its lace back detail. Since I wasn't able to find you any bottoms, I wanted to try one more maxi dress by Loveappella to see if we could find you the perfect one! Have fun trying it all on! Enjoy! Heather
I was surprised to read that she couldn't find me any light wash shorts. I think Stitch Fix has become so popular that they are having a hard time keeping their inventory up, especially for a popular item such as shorts in the summertime. Oh well, there's always next month.
Abella Maxi Dress by Loveappella
This dress is so comfortable! The fabric is really soft and stretchy. I have already worn it with flip-flops and it is the perfect length. The black and white pattern makes it very easy to accessorize with colorful jewelry. It does have a drawstring/cinched waist, which I typically do not like for my short-waisted body. And although I wouldn't say it accentuates my figure, this dress just feels really comfortable and I can see myself wearing it a lot. Status: KEPT

Jilla Gupier Lace Detail Tank by Skies are Blue
I love this shirt....in theory. I love lace detail and I love the color grey. But this top was just not very flattering on me. The front was a bit shapeless and see-through. And while I loved the lace detail on the back, it didn't make up for the fact that I wasn't in love with the front. I think I would have liked this shirt more if it was a charcoal grey, rather than this stone grey. I only keep Stitch Fix items that I love, and this one wasn't quite there. Status: RETURNED

Chrissy V-Neck Blouse by Sweet Rain
There is a reason I am not posting a picture of myself in this top. They accidentally sent it to me in a size XS! It was mistakenly tagged as a medium, but was indeed an extra small. I contacted Stitch Fix about this and they were very apologetic for the error. I declined being sent a replacement in a size medium because I knew I wouldn't keep it even if it fit. The fabric was not breathable and stretchy, and this is something that I am learning is important as a Mom. I am constantly hiking up my shirt to nurse the baby, and this is easier to do in stretchy knit fabrics. Plus who wants to wear polyester when it is 100 degrees outside? Status: RETURNED

Darlene V-Neck Top by Fun2Fun
Oops, my phone ate the other picture of this top! This top was okay. I liked the blue pattern, and I always like V-necks on me. Unfortunately it just felt too big. It was very loose and blousy and almost felt like a maternity shirt because of how it tented out through my midsection. I just lost all my pregnancy weight and I am not interested in looking pregnant again. Status: RETURNED

Bianca Embroidery Detail Knit Tank by Market and Spruce
I love this top! It is a cream and pink striped tank with a beautiful pink floral embroidery. It is 100% cotton, which I really appreciate for the hot days we've been having. The racerback style is something I currently don't have in my closet. I happily kept this shirt. Now if only I could get a tan, the top would look even cuter! Status: KEPT
Another successful fix! My next box will be arriving just before my birthday in July. I plan on asking for some tops that are slightly more fitted and figure flattering. I am curious to see whether wearing clothes that accentuate my figure a little more will make me feel self-conscious or more confident.
I was reminded this month why I adore this service so much. I was at the store with only 1 child. I tried on at least 15 different articles of clothing and not one was even close to fitting well or being flattering. The quality of the clothing I receive from Stitch Fix is so much better than the ill-fitting items I tried on that day. I left empty-handed and frustrated, with a crying baby in tote. I've said it before and I'll say it again....you need to try Stitch Fix at least once! It will change the way you think about shopping for yourself.

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