Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Lucas: Three

Happy third birthday Lucas!! I can't believe what a big boy you are becoming. You grew up a lot this year, while at the same time very much remained in the "terrible two's" stage. At the age of 3 you are just about able to ride your big brother's bike. You can also count to 20 and name all the colors.
You are Mr. Independent. You have to brush your teeth by yourself, blend your smoothies by yourself, pour your milk by yourself (climb into the fridge to get the milk by yourself!), and many many more things. And if I don't let you? Watch out!
Your tantrums are insane. Last year when I posted about them, along with your headbanging (which has stopped!!), I didn't think they could get worse. But they definitely have. You have what I call "rages", which are tantrums to the extreme. They can last a really long time, and during this time you are inconsolable. Screaming, kicking, spitting, hurting anyone or anything near gets bad.
On the other hand you can be the sweetest most affectionate boy EVER. Sometimes you grab me and exclaim "Oh Mommy!" and just starting hugging and kissing me. I think physical touch is important to you, because you are constantly touching me, asking to be held, hugging me, hitting me, climbing on me, etc. You are surprisingly really in touch with feelings and will notice emotions on people's faces. If I look a little sad you will come ask me if I am sad and then give me more hugs and kisses.
Your Daddy has the most ridiculous nicknames for you. For the longest time you were "Bubba", which I never really liked. Lately Daddy has been calling you "Schmookity Bop" and "Hurgle Berg". The funny thing is that you even respond to these names now, and I find myself calling you "Schmurgle Berg" sometimes! I'm sorry you have such strange parents Lucas.
You try to do everything your big brother Ryan does. If you see him doing something you will automatically try it yourself. No self-doubt or just jump in and try things. I think you have inherited this quality from your Daddy. And just like him, you're really good at most things you try! You are physically very strong and athletic, and I am guessing you will play soccer or football.
You are still a picky eater, although you do have a couple of really healthy foods that you enjoy. Your favorite foods at the age of three include kale chips, yogurt, tortilla chips, smoothies, and Lucas Chicken (Pan-fried chicken).
You are learning to be more gentle with your baby sister. You adore kissing and hugging and smothering her!
This coming year will be a big one for you. You will be starting preschool two days a week in the Fall, and (hopefully!) will be potty-trained by then. I'm excited to see you mature a bit this year. I have a feeling you will always be a bit crazy and goofy, but we love that about you. God made you to be a very special boy and we love you so much Lucas!

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