Monday, June 22, 2015

Jenna: 7 Months

You are 7 months old today Jenna!
You continue to be a very sweet, easy baby. You are still amazingly happy and content, although I do notice you getting frustrated more easily because of your lack of mobility. You will sit up with a little support but you aren't showing any signs of crawling. You do love to grab ahold of my hands and pull yourself up to stand.
You learned how to make a new sound this month and you are constantly yelling "NANANANA" at us. You also love to screech and growl.
You have the craziest smile. You scrunch up your nose so much that we call it your "stinky" face.
I wear you in the baby carrier whenever we are out with your two brothers. You love to see everything going on around you. Whenever someone smiles at you, you just smile right back. You love attention!
Speaking of those brothers.....they won't leave you alone! They are constantly putting toys on your head, talking baby talk to you, playing with your arms and legs, and just getting in your face.
Ryan continues to be your favorite, but Lucas does seem to be growing on you!
You tried some yummy new foods this month, including ground beef, ground turkey, carrots, eggs, yogurt, and raspberries. You absolutely loved the raspberry! You seem to enjoy soft pieces of table food more than purees. I also gave you a little sippy cup to try. You like holding it and chewing on the top.
You are still a great sleeper! You sleep from 8pm until around 6:30am, with just one wakeup, and even zero some nights! you nap twice a day, for around an hour each time. I do not take your sleep habit for granted....I am so blessed to have a baby who likes to sleep!
I love you sweet Jenna Mae!


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