Thursday, June 18, 2015

Our New Bed

Some of you may remember when I hinted at Adam's latest woodworking project last month. He built us something really special and I'm excited to finally share it with you.

Our new bed!
Back in August of 2010 Adam built us an upholstered headboard. I blogged about it here. Then in February 2013 he built a matching upholstered bedframe. I blogged about that here. Fast forward to May 2015, and our bedframe was kind of falling apart. We both decided we wanted a real wooden bed this time. And of course my handy husband decided he could built one himself.
We found the plans for a design online and tweaked them a bit to fit our style. We painted the finished bed white and then distressed it with sandpaper and an SOS pad to give it a slightly greyed look.
Now that we have this new bed our peachy tan walls need to be painted! We bought a new quilt to go along with our distressed "farmhouse chic" style. The quilt is a tealish blue color, along with grey and white and navy, with tiny yellow accents. We are considering painting our walls a mid to dark grey color, but I'm nervous! I don't want our room to be too dark and depressing, but I think a bolder color would look perfect behind the big white bed.
So there's a quick look at our new bed. I absolutely love how it turned out! This was a huge project but Adam finished it so quickly. And his craftsmanship is amazing. This bed is solid and will last us a lifetime.
Here is a big hint at Adam's next project. He actually finished it a couple weeks ago, but I am behind in sharing it with you all! Can you guess what it is?

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