Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Grandma P

My Grandma P passed away last month. She was a very special woman and I am really going to miss her.

My Grandma was a talented artist. She painted beautiful watercolor paintings, a few of which are hanging in my house. I always wished I had inherited some of her artistic skills. She loved color, and every room of her house was a different (bold) color. Sometimes when I look around at the different colored walls in our house I think of my Grandma.

I have many memories of my grandparents from my childhood. We used to spend every Christmas Eve at my Grandma P's house to celebrate my brother's birthday. I remember eating lamb at her house and developing an appreciation for the taste of it. My Grandma loved shortbread and one of these days I plan on making some for the first time.

Grandma P gave very quirky gifts. This year we received a little birdhouse that she had painted for us. My Grandma loved to collect things and her house was filled with her "treasures".

I took Jenna to meet my Grandma a couple months ago, and I'm so glad they got to meet each other.
You will be dearly missed Grandma.

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