Saturday, June 27, 2015

House Tour: Dining Room

Before we even moved into our new house, I had a vision of what I wanted our new dining room to look like. I went onto Pinterest and found two pictures that closely resembled what I had in mind. These are the two pictures I pinned to help me decorate our future dining room:
As you can see, I wanted something that gave off the "farmhouse" vibe that we like, while still looking light and airy. It should be noted that I have never before used Pinterest to design a room, but I had a very strong vision of what I wanted this particular room to look like.
Fast forward 9 months and our dining room is almost done! Here is what it looks like today. I apologize for the weird lighting. The flash on my phone makes the walls look lime green but they are more of a muted tannish green.
See that dining room table? It is Adam's latest piece of furniture that he built for us!

He built it in our garage and then the boys and I painted the bottom part white.
Adam stained the top until we were happy with the color. We were going for a darker brown with a slight greyish color, and I think it turned out pretty well! The floors Adam installed definitely have a grey hue to them, so we wanted to carry that look throughout the room. Our curtains are also grey and white.
As far as the rest of the room goes, it's a mix of items I have been given or have found at local discount stores. This cabinet was a hand-me-down from my Mom, and I placed the whitewashed mirror above it. 
I found this chalkboard cabinet at Ross, and I'm waiting for someone to come over and write something clever on it. Any ideas?
On top of the table I found an inexpensive table runner and little birdhouse thing that we put an LED candle inside of. On either side is a blue mason jar. I was recently visiting my Grandma, and I commented to my Aunt about liking their blue mason ball jars. She kindly gave me two that belonged to my Grandma (who is 96 years old!). I immediately brought them home and placed them on our new table and put flowers inside. I love the look of them and the fact that they belonged to my Grandma for many years makes them more special.
You may have noticed something missing from our dining room.....chairs! I am donating our old table and chairs so I am now on the hunt for the perfect chairs for this room. At first we wanted to build a bench for one side of the table, but then we thought white wooden chairs might look better. (And I was afraid a bench would make it look more like a picnic table.) Then we were out the other day and we saw some brown leather chairs that we loved. I'm just not sure what is right for this room!
The other thing I still want to change out in this room is the overhead lighting. I'm not really a fan of the fake candlestick look.
So there you have it....our new dining room! Let it be known that this room will likely never be this clean again!

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