Sunday, June 5, 2016

Trunk Club Review #3

I wasn't originally planning on receiving another trunk from Trunk Club so soon. But then I got two nice emails informing me I had received referral credit! Free clothes? Yes please! This trunk was better than the last one, in that I could see myself wearing most of these clothes.  I will list the prices below for those of you who have been asking me about the price of Trunk Club.  I have gotten more inexpensive in previous trunks, as well as a few items that were more expensive. Their items really range in price from tops in the $30 range up to some really pricey pieces. (Remember, there is NO fee to receive a trunk!)

Unfortunately I had some fit issues with many of the clothes this time. And the shoes....I just can't decide! Fortunately I have 10 days with Trunk Club to decide what to keep and what to send back. And when I'm ready to send it back, I simply schedule a UPS pickup online and place the trunk on my doorstep. Easy peasy! Here is what I received in Trunk #3:

Linen Drawstring Utility Shorts by Caslon - $28

These shorts were pretty cute. I like patterned shorts, but these reminded me a little bit of PJs. Also, they were much too big on me. RETURNED

High Rise Cutoff Denim Shorts by Treasure&Bond - $78

I loved the look of these shorts! I've been looking for a pair of denim cutoffs that aren't super short. These would have been perfect, but they were too big on me. And expensive for a pair of shorts. RETURNED

Embroidered Eyelet A Line Dress by Hinge - $78

This dress was another item that I loved the look of. I love eyelet and embroidery on clothes, and I've been looking for a white dress for possible family photos. However, this dress once again was too big and just made me look a bit  frumpy. RETURNED

Split Back Tank by Treasure&Bond - $44

This was a cool tank top that opened in the back. I liked it, but I just don't think this trend is for me. RETURNED

Orbital Trapeze Tassel Necklace by Topshop - $25

I asked my stylist to send me some longer pendant style necklaces. This one just wasn't my style. RETURNED

Multistrand Pendant Necklace by Bonnie Jonas - $31

I liked this necklace better than the previous one. It has little feathers or leaves on it which I thought was cute....ultimately it just looked too similar to something I already have.

Baen Linen Jersey Tee by Soft Joie - $98

A t-shirt for that price? No thanks! RETURNED

Phillipa Stripe Ponte Shift Dress by BB Dakota - $88

This dress was a nice thick material and it fit quite well. I just don't need anything this warm right now, when it is 100 degrees outside. RETURNED

Alesha Sleeveless Shirtdress by BB Dakota - $98

This was the one item that I really disliked. It looked pretty awful on me. RETURNED

Embroidered Faux Suede Shift Dress by As U Wish - $42

I loved this dress! It's hard to tell in this picture but it has some neat embroidery below the neckline. And the faux suede material was unlike anything I have. Ultimately I couldn't figure out how to wear a regular bra with this dress, so sadly I decided to return it. RETURNED

Keaton Slip on Sneaker by Michael Kors - $110
Here is where things got tricky. At first glance I wasn't in love with these shoes but Adam loved them. He thought they actually made my feet look smaller. I'm not sure what I would wear these with. I already have a pair of white sneakers (converse) so I don't really need these.  RETURNED

696 Sneaker by New Balance - $80
 I asked my stylist for a couple pairs of casual but trendy and cute sneakers, which is why I received both pairs of shoes. I really do like these, even though they look a bit retro to me. I think the color is tripping me up. I see on the Nordstrom website that these also come in a nice grey color, and I think I would prefer those. I'm trying to decide if I should send these back and try to get the other color. What do you think? Do you have any cute sneakers that you love?

So there is my third Trunk Club. Even though I may send everything back, a few of the items were really close to making the cut. My poor stylist probably thinks I am impossible to please. Have you tried Trunk Club yet?
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