Sunday, June 26, 2016

A Summer Saturday

I thought it'd be fun to document a Summer Saturday with our little family of 5.

Our weekend started off with a trip to the ER, because that's just how we do things around here. Lucas has been sick all week with a cold but then Friday night he woke up screaming about his ear. Lucas has had many many ear infections but he never really makes a fuss about them. We couldn't get him to calm down and we were unable to get any pain reliever into him. Adam suggested a trip to the ER, but I didn't want to make yet another trip there. After a while it became obvious that Lucas wasn't going to calm down. So off I went. The nurse showed me how to pinch his mouth and plug his nose to get the motrin into him, but he spit most of it out onto her. A couple hours later we were back home with antibiotics, and in bed by midnight.
The next morning Jenna got up at 4:30 and wouldn't go back to sleep when I nursed and rocked her. I took her downstairs and she eventually dozed off next to me in our guest bed. A couple hours later Ryan joined us.
 Lucas slept in until 7:30 but still wasn't feeling too great.
 Sleeping Beauty rose for her smoothie and eggs and waffle.
 I put on my new converse sneakers that I found at Ross for only $20.
We tried unsuccessfully to get antibiotics into Lucas. He seemed to be feeling better and had a ton of energy, so we headed out to a local antique market and nursery. We had never been to High Hand nursery and it definitely exceeded our expectations!
 I almost bought a bird feeder at the antique market but we ended up coming home empty handed.
 We found a fish pond at the nursery!
There was an indoor market with gardening supplies, d├ęcor, plants, and even an oil and vinegar tasting room. Of course the boys found the old truck.
After that we headed to Taylors for a quick lunch. We all shared some fries and Ryan got a burger. All 3 boys got a milkshake. Taylors has the best milkshakes!
 Jenna agreed.
 Back at home I attempted to put Jenna down for a nap but it was a no-go.
Adam took the boys outside to do some yardwork and Jenna and I got to work making some freezer meals.
By 4pm Jenna was doing this. We had tentative plans to go out that evening, so I let her sleep for a little while.
 Dinner was barbequed shredded pulled pork on hamburger buns, and watermelon.
After dinner we had some time to waste before the fun evening we had planned. So we went grocery shopping together. We dropped our groceries off at home and then drove down the street to park. Our city was putting on a "Celebrate America" fireworks show and it started at 8pm. There was also kids games, live music and food, but we skipped this because it was too hot outside for the kids. So we chose to watch from our air-conditioned car. This was later than we'd normally let the kids stay up, but we made an exception. Lucas seemed to be feeling fine, so I decided it was ok.
We waited and waited and waited. At around 9pm Lucas threw a huge fit and started punching and kicking. I knew he was overly tired. We buckled him up and decided to call it quits and go home. But we managed to calm him down enough to stay. I would have felt really bad if Ryan had missed the whole show because of Lucas.
 Finally at 9:30 the fireworks show began!
The kids loved the fireworks! Jenna wasn't frightened at all by the noises, and the boys were so impressed. And that was the end of our Summer Saturday!

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